Business People Working with Business Issues

Culture of Us was engaged to design change programs for three of the streams of work for a corporate transformation for an insurance client.  This included the development of change strategies and plans, through to the initial stages of implementing those plans.  In addition, Culture of Us developed an organisation wide impact assessment, to help collate the impact of the varied and to some degree siloed projects, in order to help the business re-prioritize the project delivery sequence, in order to maximize the effectiveness of the projects for the various client business units.

For one of the key project transformation streams Culture of Us introduced the client to one of our network partners to facilitate a co-creation exercise, to better design a client centered, self managed claims support process. This resulted in an outcome that had greater buy-in from all the stakeholder groups that were impacted by the future state process.

Key lessons from this assignment reinforced the need to me for Change Management to have play a key role in the overarching transformation program agenda, to ensure that the business change impact is sequenced in a way that aligns the change to the target population and ensures a greater chance of success.

Good business change has a strong narrative, that connects the people with not only the project change, but the whole context of what is going on in the business around them. Good projects leaders do a good job of managing scope, budget and ensuring tasks are delivered to plan, in order to complete their project.  Great project leaders work closely with their change people to integrate their outcomes into the story that the change targets business leaders are reinforcing upon their people, so it becomes part of an integrated approach to how people work and not just another thing that people have to do.

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