As an agent of change, much of the change I have implemented has been about growing, developing, improving and making more efficient.  There is a huge upside to this sort of  change, as people are often empowered to develop new skills and learn from new experience, whilst an organisation can benefit from improved performance and better results. When change implemented supports efficiency gains, one of the fall outs from that change is often the resulting restructure and redundant roles created by the change.

Working to support the change of restructure is challenging and at times can be personally confronting. This sort of change definitely has a strong strategic element, in terms of ensuring the new structure and roles will support the revised business strategy going forward, and there is a strong personal element ensuring that those impacted are respectfully supported. There are a number of straightforward change tactics to ensure this occurs, such as providing follow up job redeployment support and counselling, which are positive personal change support vehicles for ensuring people are looked after as they leave an organisation. At the same time, ensuring the leaders dealing with this sort of change have the tools, conversation tips and support to help support the transition of their people out of the organisation is also really important.

Having personally been on both ends of a restructure, it provides me with a strong insight into what helps and what hinders this sort of change. One of the huge helps, is straightforward and simple messaging, respectful of the audience that will be impacted as a result of this change. Crafting those simple messages and then sequencing the right timing is really important and quite a time consuming task, in that the leaders involved in delivering those messages need to be a part of creating them, so they feel ownership for the message and give them confidence when they need to be resilient in delivering those messages.

Structural change is never easy, as it impacts peoples lives and often strong emotions surrounding it. However given my personal experience and others that I have seen up close, it gives me faith that the change is more often than not results in people impacted moving to a better place in their personal life and ultimately their careers.