Working for an Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) top 50 health company, Geoff has spent two years as the Change and Capability Lead to guide the people change for a significant workplace and cultural transformation project.

The scale of the project included designing the change for 1700 people to move into a new head office building, which would significantly change the way they were working.  Moving from a traditional office layout to an ‘activity based working’ environment – that requires people to move their work tools (laptop, drink, papers etc) every time they need to engage in a new type of working activity. For example going from the individual activity of writing a report to a collaborative activity of having a meeting, would require people to take all their work items with them. This activity in itself, is a significant behavioural change to undertake. Behind these changes, was a broader strategic goals of positioning the new work practices in a way that would support greater productivity, improved collaboration through more direct engagement and assisting people in a healthier way of working.

Geoff was the key change architect in planning the change on a number of levels, including the move to the building, the move to the new way of working and the cultural change elements to support the broader business strategy.

Key lessons learnt from this project reinforced the importance of establishing measurable project benefits, a strong link to business strategy and a compelling narrative to ensure that people (especially leaders) are aligned to projects objectives.

To read more detail about the sorts of activities Geoff completed in this program of work, check out the Workplace Transformation Services page for more information or contact Geoff to discuss in more detail.