Is your life on repeat?

I was in a meeting with a stakeholder the other day and they said something that grabbed my attention. To the tune of “I’ve been doing this sort role for five years now, I know what I’m doing, I just have to press play”. It especially caught my attention, having recently been on an offsite where this video, “Is social media a fad?” (on Vimeo) was played. It got me thinking about, what has changed around us in the past five or so years. A few facts I dug up include:

  • Facebook launched in 2004, and now has over 600 million users.
  • “Facebook is the single largest repository for user-generated content such as pics, videos, links and comments.”¹
  • Twitter established in 2006 has an estimated 190 million users, generating 65 million tweets a day.
  • LinkedIn launched in 2003 now has approximately 90 million users in over 200 countries.
  • “If Skype were a telecommunications carrier, it would be the largest carrier in the world, with 521 million registered users.”¹
  • “The average iPhone user only spends 45% of his on-device time making voice calls.”¹

The way we work, communicate and play has changed around us. Although we are creatures of habit and tend to repeat behavoiurs that are positively reinforced.  If we continue with our current behaviours will we be left behind? Will we be forced to help our businesses to realise what has passed us by, once we have already lost the edge, ala Nokia? Or will we take advantage of this new world, embrace the environment around us and continue to survive – or even better, evolve to the next level?

As individuals, the opportunity is ours to grasp. We have the tools now to bring the thought seeds of change to us. Personal knowlege management allows us to filter and learn in the moment, at a pace that suits our busy lives. But what is the cost of being too busy to improve and adapt?

If we continue to hit the repeat button do we not get the same results? If you continue to get good results, the temptation is there – but for how long will that last?

Patterns are comfortable. Change is painful. But change hurts even more when the change is being forced upon you because you haven’t got ahead of the curve.

A good mantra to have?

Evolve your play list, find a new track, before the world skips you by.

Social Media Revolution from Whispr on Vimeo.

¹New Study Shows the Mobile Web Will Rule by 2015 [STATS]

Photo: cdrummbks – Flickr